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Dancing in the Sky

Star Rider

By Doris Piserchia  

4 Jan, 2022

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Doris Piserchia’s 1974 Star Rider is a stand-alone science fiction novel. 

Like the rest of her Jakalowar (or Jak1for short) kin, Jade and Hinx, (her mind-linked, dog-derived mount) can jink(teleport) from world to world at will, carrying their own bubbles of breathable air as well. The entire Milky Way is the Jaks’ playground. The problem is that none of the Jaks have the range to leap to another galaxy. Thus, the hedonist nomads are trapped in one puny galaxy. 

Luckily, the Jaks have Doubleluck. Well, in a sense.

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Leave Behind Your Heart

A Billion Days of Earth

By Doris Piserchia  

22 Nov, 2020

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You

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Doris Piserchia’s 1976 A Billion Days of Earth is a standalone SF novel.

A billion days from now — which translates to some three million years — humanity has become a race of gods. Evolution (as well as genetic tinkering) has resulted in a world filled with super-capable humans and new non-human species … many of which are as smart as humans of our time, if not as smart as the godlike humans. These new species can also be as foolish as humans of our time (which, as we know to our sorrow, can be foolish indeed).

Into this world comes a new predator. 

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Silver light and shadows

The Spinner

By Doris Piserchia  

4 Dec, 2016

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Whenever people mention Doris Piserchia to me, I admit that I am aware of her but add that somehow I never got around to reading anything she published during her all-too-brief but prolific career . Had I but looked more closely at the P” section of my library, I would have seen that this was not true. I’ve had a copy of Piserchia’s 1980 The Spinner ever since I didn’t get around to sending back the Science Fiction Book Club’s monthly order card [1]. And I must have read it, because there was a bookmark tucked in the back. Too bad I remember nothing about this book. 

Reread time.

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