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Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape

Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain  (Please Don’t Tell My Parents, volume 1)

By Richard Roberts  

1 Dec, 2022

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2014’s Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain is the first volume in Richard Roberts’ Please Don’t Tell My Parents superhero series. Although superhero might not be quite the right term.

Penelope Penny” Akk is the daughter of superheroes Brainy” Akk and The Audit. She is understandably frustrated that thus far, she has failed to manifest either her mother’s superlative analytic abilities or her father’s superhuman intelligence.

At age thirteen, Penny is going to get what she wished for, if not exactly in the form she might have wanted.

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Sleight Of Hand

The Quantum Thief  (Jean le Flambeur, volume 1)

By Hannu Rajaniemi  

10 Nov, 2022

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2010’s The Quantum Thief is the first volume in Hannu Rajaniemi’s Jean le Flambeur science fiction series.

Jean le Flambeur is famous as a thief par excellence — famous across a quirky, post-human Solar System. As such, he has the right combination of audacity, skill, and luck to accomplish a daunting task for Mieli and her patron.

But … perhaps Jean falls slightly short on the luck front. After all, he is securely locked up in Dilemma Prison, from which escape is impossible. Cue one pre-caper caper.

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That’s What I Want


By Pat Cadigan  

25 Oct, 2022

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Pat Cadigan’s 1991 Synners is a stand-alone cyberpunk novel.

The world after the Big One is a wired world, where services of all kinds, especially porn, are a click away. While there are the usual idealists chasing pointless dreams like art and creativity, the corporations run the world. To exist is to be forced to purchase and to feed one’s privacy to the corporate maw.

Having mastered the legal and political systems and thus removed the regulatory guardrails, an ambitious corporation is about to discover it is not immune to consequences.

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And Oh So Bright

The Merlin of St. Gilles’ Well  (Joan of Arc Tapestries, volume 1)

By Ann Chamberlin  

29 Sep, 2022

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1999’s The Merlin of St. Gilles’ Well is the first volume in Ann Chamberlin’s Joan of Arc Tapestries series. 

Joan of Arc is a legendary figure; author Chamberlin has used her legend as a setting for a heroic fantasy. This story begins with a boy named Yann (by Bretons, Jean by the French) Le Dapier and his boyhood associate, Gilles de Rais.

The story begins with a violent incident in the woods.

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Up All Night

The Scratch Daughters  (Scapegracers, volume 2)

By H. A. Clarke  

15 Sep, 2022

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2022’s The Scratch Daughters is the second of H. A. Clarke’s Scapegracers series. 

Armed with a rudimentary but effective command of magic and a severe intolerance for male misbehavior, the Scapegracers — Daisy, Yates, Jing, and series protagonist Sidewise Pike — encourage the men of rustic Sycamore County to master their worst impulses. If the men behave outrageously enough to attract the coven’s attention, they will find themselves cursed.

Given the dismal quality of men in their backwoods community, the teens would no doubt have enough to occupy them until they can graduate and escape Sycamore County. There is however a pressing matter that demands their immediate attention: Sideways’ missing soul. 

Or rather, her stolen soul.

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