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Our Elaborate Plans

Endgame  (Jani Kilian, book 5)

By Kristine Smith  

5 Aug, 2020

Special Requests


Kristine Smith’s 2007 Endgame is the final book in her Jani Kilian quintet. 

About a year has passed since the last book. The idomeni oligarch, Ceel, determined to put an end to Tsecha’s ongoing heretical activities, decides on a cunning plan. Surely assassinating a charismatic leader will dissuade their followers from pursuing heretical ways! What could possibly go wrong?

[spoilers abound for those who haven’t read the previous books in the series]

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All the Secrets of the Mountain

Air Logic  (Elemental Logic)

By Laurie J Marks  

23 Jul, 2020

Special Requests


2019’s Air Logic is the fourth volume in Laurie Marks’ Elemental Logic secondary universe fantasy series. 

After years of brutal occupation of Shaftal by the invading Sainnites, Karis — the new G’Deon — has brought Shaftalese and Sainnites to the brink of reconciliation. Alas for long-suffering Shaftal, not every Shaftalese accepts that Karis is the new G’Deon. They see her as the False G’Deon, a poseur fit only for death for misleading the nation.

Thus, the night of the assassins.

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Dancing Shadows and Firelight


By Madeline Miller  

16 Jun, 2020

Special Requests


Madeline Miller’s 2018 Circe is a retelling of Greek myth. 

Titan Helios is a god; his wife Perse is a naiad, a water nymph. Their daughter Circe is immortal but otherwise unremarkable for beauty or supernatural powers. Her parents don’t see much hope that she will make a good marriage. Her father prophesies that she will have settle for a mere mortal. 

But there is more to Circe than the gods first perceive.

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Never Meant To Do Any Harm


By John McCrae  

11 Jun, 2020

Special Requests

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John McCrae (AKA Wildbow)’s Worm is a superhero novel serialized on the web between 2011 and 2013.

Superhero may be a misnomer. Superhuman might be a better term.

Taylor Hebert is a seemingly unremarkable teenager singled out for a never-ending campaign of verbal and physical abuse from a trio of mean-girl bullies. Aware that school authorities are worse than useless when it comes to bullying, Taylor doesn’t complain. She grits her teeth and endures each painful day at school.

Luckily she has interests outside academia. She has superpowers, a nearly finished costume, and ambitions to become Brockton Bay’s newest superhero. Too bad that’s not quite how it works out.

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Whisper in My Ear

Foundryside  (Founders, book 1)

By Robert Jackson Bennett  

10 Jun, 2020

Special Requests


2018’s Foundryside is the first volume in Robert Jackson Bennett’s Founders series.

The Occidental Empire fell long ago, but a handful of relics remain. The people of Tevanne have used these relics to revive (partially) the practice of technomagical scriving. The merchant city now has a monopoly on scriving; it is the center of a new golden age of magic. The masses of the world toil endlessly to enrich a handful of wealthy merchant houses. 

Sancia Grado was one of those plantation slaves. She has been used as a human test subject; she now has abilities she does not fully understand. 

She has object empathy; she can handle a container and tell what is hidden inside. A fine skill for a thief (thieving is her new career). She has been offered a job that is unusually lucrative, which should be a warning sign that it’s dangerous. But she accepts the commission.

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