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River Don’t Rise

Trash, Sex, Magic

By Jennifer Stevenson  

13 Jun, 2024

Special Requests


Jennifer Stevenson’s 2004 Trash, Sex, Magic is a stand-alone modern fantasy novel.

Atlas Properties executive John Fowier has a simple dream: sell every unit in the Berne, Illinois, Foxe Parke Townhouses. To sell the townhouses, the townhouses need to be built. To build the townhouses, the land bordering the Fox River has to be cleared. To clear the land, Atlas needs unquestioned title to the land.

The only impediment is a small ramshackle trailer community located next to the river. Still, how hard could it be to convince no-account poor people to sell out, or if they refuse, find a legal pretext to drive them out?

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May Be The Devil

Super Supportive

By Sleyca  

11 Jun, 2024

Special Requests

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Sleyca’s Super Supportive, first launched in 2023, is an on-going LitRPG superhero serial novel.

In 1963 alien space-wizards offered humanity a literally wonderous technology. A chosen few are imbued with superhuman abilities. In return for this, superhumans may be called on to assist Artonans off-world. Almost everyone benefits!

Young Alden wakes in pain; he has become collateral damage in a superhuman battle. Aghast, the superheroes manage to save Alden. Nothing can be done for his parents, both killed in the early stages of the fight.

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Side by Side

Bones & Runes

By Stephen Embleton  

18 Apr, 2024

Special Requests

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Stephen Embleton’s 2020 Bones & Runes is a stand-alone modern fantasy novel.

Mlilo, an isangoma, is ambushed and mugged. The attackers do not seek mere money. They steal Mlilo’s sacred amathambo (bones used in sacred rites).

Mlilo has a good idea where his relics were taken. It’s not somewhere prudent living mortals venture alone. Or really, at all. Mlilo’s relics are in Abaphansi, the world of the heavens. 

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In a Cool Breeze

The Hexologists  (The Hexologists, volume 1)

By Josiah Bancroft  

12 Mar, 2024

Special Requests


2023’s The Hexologists is the first volume in Josiah Bancroft’s Hexologists secondary-world fantasy-mystery series.

Isolde Iz” Wilby and Warren War” Wilby are professional problem-solvers, using hexology and a bewilderingly wide assortment of magical artifacts to deal with the vexing challenges so common in their modern magical industrial revolution world.

The Wilbies are very much not monarchists. Bad news for the royal representative determined to hire the pair.

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Can You See

Fallen  (Firstborn, Lastborn, volume 2)

By Melissa Scott  

16 Jan, 2024

Special Requests


Melissa Scott’s 2023 Fallen is the second book in her Firstborn, Lastborn space opera series. It shares no characters with the first book, Finders, and is set in a different period. More on that second detail later.

The invention of nigh-godlike AIs provided the Ancestors with everything they could have wanted… until they found themselves at war with the AIs. Civilization collapsed. Centuries later, civilization has recovered, although at a lower tech level than the Ancestors enjoyed.

Luckily for the revived civilization, space is littered with Ancestor relics. A few of these relics aren’t existential threats.

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Really Can’t Stay

Fallen Angels

By Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Michael F. Flynn  

11 Jan, 2024

Special Requests


Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Michael F. Flynn’s 1991 Fallen Angels is a near-future science fiction novel.

The future! A cabal of feminists, greens, Evangelicals, Luddites, mystics, and Wisconsin dairy farmers has taken control of America, enforcing stringent environmental laws. Without the protective layer of air pollution, Earth rapidly cools. A new ice age dooms most of Canada and the northern US.

The only surviving remnant of American technological prowess is Space Station Freedom. Together with the Russian space station, the stations have declared independence. The habitats cling to life thanks to a small lunar facility and precious nitrogen skimmed from the upper atmosphere.

Having pestered his way into piloting one final skimming mission, Alex MacLeod repays the trust that the community has placed in him by getting himself, the irreplaceable scoopship Piranha, and fellow astronaut Gordon Tanne shot down. Alex manages to land Piranha safely … but the ship will never fly again. What is to become of the two castaways?

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Because I Was Paid

The Cross-Time Engineer  (Adventures of Conrad Stargard, volume 1)

By Leo Frankowski  

12 Dec, 2023

Special Requests


1986’s The Cross-Time Engineer is the volume that launched Leo Frankowski’s increasingly dire Adventures of Conrad Stargard, a Morganade1 adventure series on a long-suffering world.

Hungover, Conrad Schwartz sets out on an ill-fated hike. One temporal mishap later and the American-trained Polish engineer found himself somewhere he only knew from text-books.

Or rather, somewhen.

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