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Haughty Host

The Last Caesar

By Edward McGhee  

13 Feb, 2022

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Edward McGhee’s 1980 The Last Caesar is the second (and as far as I know, final) book in the series that began with The Chinese Ultimatum.

1986: a reunited Germany is still purging disloyal East German officers and assimilating its fraction of conquered Poland. Soviet attention is divided between a nuclear stand-off with Germany and China’s Siberian territorial ambitions. Canada is distracted by its on-going low-grade civil war. The Middle East is safely under Israeli control. Latin America is finally in position to resist US influence1.

The American President believes the US global standing is safe for the moment. Now is the time focus on domestic matters. 

The recent mid-term elections saw massive victories for liberal-leaning politicians over their obstructionist reactionary rivals. Therefore, the President believes there is a window of opportunity to rationalize the US economy, bringing to a dramatic end to the economic and social woes that have plagued it. 

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