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Time May Change Me

Mother of Learning

By Nobody103  

25 Feb, 2021

Special Requests

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nobody103 (Domagoj Kurmaic)’s Mother of Learning is a completed web-serial. The 823,563-word effort was serialized between Oct 17, 2011 and Feb 102020.

Zorian Kazinski is neither as talented as his oldest brother Daimen nor as charming as his second oldest brother, Fortov. That’s fine with him. He doesn’t want to be shown off by his social-climbing parents. But Fortov’s value as a social investment fizzled when he turned to be a likeable freeloader. Zorian is now subjected to unwanted attention from parents who are determined to turn his diligent studiousness to account. He appears to acquiesce but … is looking forward to that wonderful day when he can cut all ties with his family (save, perhaps, for his annoying but adorable younger sister, Kirielle). 

For the moment, he has to settle for the lesser distance provided by his stay as a boarder at Cyoria’s Royal Academy of Magical Arts.

There, Zorian will spend a surprising amount of time in third year. Years and years. Or he will spend a couple of months. It depends on your perspective.

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