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As full of hope as Greenland is full of green

Our Lady of the Ice — Cassandra Rose Clarke

Cassandra Rose Clarke’s 2015’s Our Lady of the Ice takes us to an alternate history, one in which Argentinean entrepreneurs have built an amusement park in Antarctica. Hope City was once profitable, but that golden age is long gone. These days the city ekes out a living selling power from their atomic reactor. Life in a marginally viable city in a polar wasteland is desperate. The only thing keeping the community from vanishing in a puff of economic logic is that most of the poor saps in Hope City cannot afford the cost of a visa and a ticket back to the mainland.

The current state of affairs suits Mr. Cabrera just fine. The gangster legitimate businessman’s entire business model is based on exploiting a trapped population. Marianella Luna’s scheme to supplement imported food with produce from local agricultural domes threatens his bottom line. She is keeping the domes secret, but Cabrera suspects that something is going on. Luna is at the top of his personal enemies list.

But covert agricultural domes are not Luna’s only secret, and that’s where private detective Eliana Gomez comes in.

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