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Welcome to the Circus

Blind Voices

By Tom Reamy  

16 Jul, 2023

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Tom Reamy’s 1978 Blind Voices is a stand-alone period-piece horror novel.

A pleasant summer in Hawley, Kansas. Communal awareness that the current economic downturn might be more than a passing phenomenon is only just beginning to sink in1. Young friends Rose Willet, Evelyn Bradley, and Francine Latham seek distraction from the dilemma faced by all Hawley women: look for happiness elsewhere at the cost of leaving family behind or settle for the best of Hawking’s regrettable assortment of marriageable young men.

Haverstock’s Traveling Curiosus and Wonder Show may be a cure for both ills. Haverstock offers immediate entertainment and a cure for the future.

Encountering Haverstock’s cast of wonders might be the last thing any of the teens will do.

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