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Nothing is as validating as attempted murder

Borderline  (Arcadia, volume 1)

By Mishell Baker  

19 Jul, 2016

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Mishell Baker’s 2016 debut novel Borderline is the first in her Arcadia series. 

Six months after a failed suicide bid cost her both legs and her film career, embittered auteur and long-term Leishman Psychiatric Center resident Millie Roper receives an unexpected visitor and a more unexpected offer: Caryl Varro wants Millie to work for the Arcadia Project. 

Millie does not know Caryl from Adam and she’s never heard of the Arcadia Project. Millie’s doctor has; her reaction is intriguing enough for Millie to venture outside the safe confines of the Institute and back out into the real world. 

Perhaps real world isn’t quite the right term. 

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