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The Last of Lumikki

As Black as Ebony — Salla Simukka
The Snow White Trilogy, book 3

Salla Simukka’s 2015 As Black as Ebony is the third and (if trilogy is to retain any meaning) final book in her Snow White Trilogy1.

Lumikki Andersson has returned from a diverting summer holiday in Prague to her parents and home in Finland. Her attempts to lose herself on the stage and in the arms of her new boyfriend Sampsa are doomed before they begin. She is haunted by the mystery she encountered in Prague: how can an only child like Lumikki have had a sister? Why can’t Lumikki remember her? Why are there no photos of the sister? Why have her parents never mentioned her?

And, of course, there’s the lunatic stalking Lumikki.

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Lumikki’s quiet holiday in Prague

As White as Snow — Salla Simukka
The Snow White Trilogy, book 2

As White as Snow, the second volume in Salla Simukka’s Snow White trilogy, was originally released in fall 2013 under the title Valkea kuin lumi; the English translation hit virtual bookshelves on March 3rd of this year (2015). It is a great compliment to the first book in the trilogy, As Red as Blood, that I hurried to buy the second book as soon as it was available.

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Better off alone than in bad company

As Red as Blood — Salla Simukka
The Snow White Trilogy, book 1

2014’s As Red As Blood, first book in the Snow White Trilogy, answers a question I didn’t know I had, which is “what would happen if a plucky girl detective like Nancy Drew wandered into a Kurt Wallander [1] novel?” Not that seventeen-year-old art student Lumikki Andersson had any intention of playing detective or getting involved in the affairs of three foolish classmates.

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