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Don’t They Know It’s The End Of The World?

The Art of Saving the World

By Corinne Duyvis  

16 Dec, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews

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Corinne Duyvis’ 2020 The Art of Saving the World is a stand-alone contemporary fantasy novel. 

Hazel Stanczak faces some of the same challenges that confront other teens. Such as worrying that her attraction to Marybeth McKellan might mean that she is gay1. But there’s one challenge no other teen on the planet faces: the interdimensional rift in her back yard.

The Mysterious Government Agency — so classified that the Stanczak family doesn’t know its actual name — wishes that it knew more than it does about the interdimensional rift on the Stanczak farm near West Asherton, Pa. The MGA does know that the rift appeared when Hazel Stanczak was born and that it goes wild whenever she gets more than a mile and a half away from it. The MGA’s determination to protect America from a rift run amok, while keeping the rift a secret, has defined Hazel’s life to date. 

On her sixteenth birthday, Hazel discovers who she really is: Earth’s Chosen One! Which, as it turns out, is a destiny not to be desired.

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The Right Kinda Friend

A Spindle Splintered  (Fractured Fables, volume 1)

By Alix E. Harrow  

9 Dec, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


Alix E. Harrow’s 2021 A Spindle Splintered is the first volume in the Fractured Fables series.

Twenty-one-year-old Zinnia Gray has her whole future ahead of her … which, thanks to the Generalized Roseville Malady she has lived with her entire life, will consist of the next few weeks. She is the last survivor of GRM and her disorder is very rapidly catching up with her.

This makes her 21st birthday party special, since she will not have a 22nd birthday.

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Cruel World

The All-Consuming World

By Cassandra Khaw  

16 Sep, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


Cassandra Khaw’s 2021 The All-Consuming World is a stand-alone science fiction heist novel.

At their peak, the Dirty Dozen were a criminal force to be reckoned with. Decades later, however, their surviving members have been scattered, their days of team work long behind them. 

Any sensible career criminal would know that getting the gang back together for one last heist is always a bad idea. But Maya specializes in doling out violence (or in standing up to it). Being sensible is someone else’s job. A sensible criminal wouldn’t take on the heist job … but she agrees to it. 

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Troubled Spirits on My Chest

The Witness for the Dead  (The Goblin Emperor, volume 2)

By Katherine Addison  

14 Sep, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


2021’s The Witness for the Dead is the second novel in Katherine Addison’s Goblin Emperor secondary universe fantasy series. 

Thara Celehar used his ability to speak with the spirits of the dead to serve Maia, the newly appointed emperor. His reward: to be sent far from the emperor’s court to the city of Amalo. Ever dutiful, Thara serves the people of Amalo as best he can. He doesn’t regret leaving the luxury and intrigues of the court.

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Gotta Serve Somebody

Servant Mage

By Kate Elliott  

24 Jul, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


Kate Elliott’s 2022 Servant Mage is a standalone (thus far) secondary universe fantasy novella. 

Having led the Liberationists to victory over the corrupt monarchy, the August Protector then centralized government on herself, the better to provide society with the moral guidance it so desperately needed. Subjects found themselves firmly guided towards roles that best suited their strengths and guided away from distractions (like literacy) that could only confuse them. In the eyes of the Protector, utopia has been achieved. For some inexplicable reason, a handful of malcontents persist in resisting the correct social order.

Fellian, for example, is not merely unhappy that her magic was used to justify making her an involuntarily indentured servant AKA a slave. She secretly teaches people to read, something that could get her hanged if she were ever caught. Events will transpire such that illegal literacy will be the least of her crimes.

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She Gives Them Butterflies

And What Can We Offer You Tonight

By Premee Mohamed  

23 Jun, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews

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Premee Mohamed’s 2021 And What Can We Offer You Tonight is a standalone dystopic tale of revenge. 

The world of the distant future is perfectly ordered and just. The wealthy are free to enjoy their wealth; the poor are free to work at ill-paid jobs and die of hunger and disease. All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. 

Courtesan Winsome Winfield is murdered by a client of her brothel, the House of Bicchieri. That’s OK by the House: a free-spending customer is more important than a mere prostitute. 

The other courtesans of the House give their friend a quiet burial. 

Winsome’s resurrection is utterly unexpected. 

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The Clamour of The Crowded Streets

Chaos on Catnet  (Catnet, volume 2)

By Naomi Kritzer  

6 May, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


2021’s Chaos on Catnet is the second book in Naomi Kritzer’s Catnet series. 

The first book ended with Steph’s sociopath hacker father being held without bail on a charge of attempted murder. Steph and her mother no longer need to hide from him. No more false IDs and midnight moves from small town to small town. Now they can move to Minneapolis to build more conventional lives. 

Pity about the looming apocalypse. 

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Everything’s Broken

Defekt  (LitenVerse, volume 2)

By Nino Cipri  

29 Apr, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


Nino Cipri’s 2021 Defekt is the second volume in their LitenVerse series.

Derek lives for work. What could be grander than waking up each morning in his repurposed shipping container, lavishly furnished with damaged-and-returned LitenVärld products, at the back of the LitenVärld parking lot, knowing that he will spend the whole day attending to customers’ needs? Unfortunately, his fellow employees do not share Derek’s sense of purpose. More work for Derek! 

All good things come to an end. 

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Whispering Winds

The Snow Chanter  (The Wild, volume 1)

By Linda Nagata  

22 Apr, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


2020’sThe Snow Chanter is the first volume in Linda Nagata’s new trilogy, The Wild.

Humans were a novelty in the Wild, where they began replacing the once-pristine forests and fields with farms, villages, and cities. Many Inyomere, the nature spirits of the Wild, hated the changes but were unsure how best to deal with the humans. One Inyomere, Siddél, embodiment of storm, was more decisive. It was clear that humans must be exterminated. To this end, he created the monstrous arowl, monsters who run in packs and (he hopes) will rid the Wild of humans.

Thus the start of the Long War, which has been going on for centuries. Many humans have died, but they haven’t been exterminated. There are still humans in the Wild. Not exactly prospering, but surviving. 

One day, Bennek, a young Samokean man, is summoned to a quest.

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