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Nothing’s Gonna Change Our World

Flight  (Legend of the Galactic Heroes, volume 6)

By Yoshiki Tanaka  

2 Aug, 2018


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First published under the title Ginga Eiyu Densetsu volume 6, 1985’s Flight is the sixth volume in Yoshiki Tanaka’s Legend of the Galactic Heroes1. Tyran Grillo’s translation was published by Haikasoru in 2018

Reinhard von Lohengramm finally outmanoeuvred his rival Yang Wen-li. The Galactic Empire finally reabsorbed the Free Planets Alliance. A man more vindictive than Reinhard might have had Yang executed. Reinhard allowed Yang to retire. 

All that is necessary for this peaceful state of affairs to continue is for high ranking persons to do nothing to rock the boat. Of course, patience is such a difficult virtue to cultivate. 

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See the Crystal Raindrops Fall

What’s Left of Me  (Hybrid Chronicles, volume 1)

By Kat Zhang  

1 Aug, 2018

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2012’s What’s Left of Me is the first volume in Kat Zhang’s Hybrid Chronicles. 

Alone of all the world’s regions, only the Americas have chosen to eliminate the two-minded adult hybrids, to seal themselves off from the chaos that hybrids cause. The rest of the world can have its Great Wars, but North and South America are secure, peaceful, and steadfastly conventional. 

Like all human children everywhere, Eva and Addie were born as hybrids, two minds sharing a single body. Most New World children settle, a process in which the weaker of the two minds fades away, leaving only a single, stable, intellect. Although clearly fated to vanish, Eva lingered on, unable to control the shared body, but still present. Despite the best treatments modern medicine could offer, it seemed the child was doomed to be one of those unfortunates safely sequestered away from decent folk. 

Eva_and_Addie eluded institutionalization by embracing the one technique that would keep the adults satisfied. They lied. 

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