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In Dreams

The Princess of Thornwood Drive

By Khalia Moreau  

3 May, 2024

Doing the WFC's Homework

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Khalia Moreau’s 2023 The Princess of Thornwood Drive is a stand-alone modern fairy tale… of sorts.

A year ago, Laine’s life was catastrophically upended. A car crash for which Laine feels responsible killed her parents and left Laine’s sister Alyssa paralyzed and silent. In the aftermath of the crash, Laine discovered that her father had left large debts1. Laine does have an uncle to whom she could turn… but uncle Freidmore appears to be only interested in exploiting his mixed-race nieces’ situation to purchase his brother’s home at a bargain price. Thus, no more dream of becoming a vet for Laine2, only a desperate struggle to support herself, pay for Alyssa’s on-going medical care, and avoid losing custody of Alyssa to the state.

From Alyssa’s perspective, the situation is quite different.

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