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A Sweet Old Thing

The Devotion of Suspect X  (Detective Galileo, volume 1)

By Keigo Higashino  (Translated by Alexander O. Smith & Elye J. Alexander)

19 Jun, 2024


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2005’s The Devotion of Suspect X is the first in Keigo Higashino’s Detective Galileo mystery series. First published as Yogisha X No Kenshin, the English translation is by Alexander O. Smith with Elye J. Alexander1.

Togashi proclaims that he is no longer the abusive embezzler whom Yasuko Hanaoka divorced. He insists that he still loves Yasuko and still wants to be a loving father to Yasuko’s daughter Misato. Perhaps he does. He certainly enjoys the money he bullies out of Yasuko. As long as he lives, Togashi will never leave mother and daughter alone.

Cut to: Yasuko and Misato viewing Togashi’s cooling corpse, showing bruises and ligature marks.

Enter a mathematician.

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