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Reviews from October 2018 (22)

Sweet Little Lies

Noragami, volume 6

By Adachitoka  

3 Oct, 2018


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Adachitoka’s Noragami Volume 6 collects issues 20 to 23 of the adventures of the stray god Yato. The manga was first published in 2013; the English translation dates from 2015. Included are: 

  • 20. Prayerful Oath” (神祝き、呪きき Kamuhosaki, Hosakiki”) 
  • 21. Don’t Go — Stay with Me” (消えないで、傍にいて Kienai de, Soba ni Ite”) 
  • 22. What Must Be Done” (為すべきこと Nasubeki Koto”) 
  • 23. Guiding Light” (道標 Michishirube”)

The last volume ended on something of a cliffhanger, as Yato’s shinki (ghost servant able to manifest as a weapon) Yukine was shattered by Bishamonten. Perhaps it’s significant that Yato is god of nothing in particular, whereas Bishamonten is a god of war. Poor Yukine; no doubt that was the end for him. 

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Last Train Home

Growing Up Weightless

By John M. Ford  

2 Oct, 2018

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John M. Ford’s Growing Up Weightless is a standalone coming-of-age novel. 

If Luna had an Age of Heroes, that era is long over by Matt Roney’s time. Independence from Earth was won decades ago. Geniuses gave humans starflight; by Matt’s era, interstellar travel is mundane. All of the interesting things have been done by previous generations. What is a teenager to do with himself? 

To be honest, Matt does have a wealth of opportunities. So many that he cannot decide. Nor is it clear that any of them will offer him the independence and self-esteem he craves. 

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